Harbor Watch Dispatch

Cloud-Based Solutions for Maritime Scheduling, Dispatching, Communication and Data Management

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Missing Link in Global Supply Chain

Cloud-based and data-driven, Harbor Watch is a mobile workforce application designed for the rapid deployment of maritime labor in any seaport in the world. Harbor Watch is the only cloud-based dispatch software for hourly labor in the shipping industry.

Built in Months, Not Years

Harbor Watch employs agile methodology to speed up the software development process for maritime clients. To ensure rapid application development, Harbor Watch customizes workflow templates from its proven and tested software; delivering fully functional dispatch/communication applications in months, not years. 

Simple, Scalable and Functional

Harbor Watch delivers commercial off-the-shelf software with a high technology readiness. Cloud-based software ...

  • Delivers a Real-Time Visibility Platform with overview of manpower supplied to all areas of operation
  • Provides lightning-fast transaction time for multi-depot dispatching.
  • Manages labor costs efficiently while reducing administrative overload
  • Communicates instantly with individuals or groups using five unique SMS options
  • Point-of-Hire feature compares workers' certifications and licenses with employer job requirements
  • Remote Login Credentials provide access to software from any fixed or remote location
  • Uploads daily dispatch records to most payroll applications
  • Provides 21 automated reports with no operator interaction


Harbor Watch has a 7 year history of proven performance with 5,000 users in 3 Seaports... and ZERO DOWNTIME.

Digital Dispatch for Union, Non-Union Labor, Hourly Contractors, Employees and Terminal Operators

Harbor Watch for the maritime industry was built to dispatch (1099) contractors, hourly labor or employees from a Hiring Hall or any remote location. Craft-based applications with scalable seniority systems support real-time scheduling and dispatching, instant text messaging and big data management. Maritime workers have option to call the Hiring Hall or shape up remotely on their mobile phones. Automated text messages confirm all hiring transactions.  Workers are provided with online access to a real-time visibility platform that displays an overview of the manpower supplied to all areas of operation in a seaport.

Digital Dispatch for Shipyards, Warehouses, Freight Operations

To ensure a rapid deployment of custom cloud-based dispatch applications for shipyards, warehouses and freight operations, Harbor Watch reconfigures and rebrands workflow templates from its proven and tested maritime dispatch applications. The software's flexible features and functionality provide new ways to merge workflow processes with digital dispatch and communication for full-time employees, hourly workers and independent contractors. 

Digital Dispatch for Ferry Boat Operators

Harbor Watch provides ferry boat operators with commercial off-the-shelf software to replace their obsolete dispatch systems. In months, not years, ferry boat operators can have new and sustainable systems that meet or exceed their complex, multi-faceted requirements. Harbor Watch delivers a customizable, cloud-based dispatch system that allows ferry boat operators to effectively and reliably:

  • dispatch ferry boat workers
  • track all assigned certifications, licenses, and training documents
  • maintain current security profiles and data in one location
  • comply with mandatory safety and training requirements

Harbor Watch Dispatch enables ferry boat operators to schedule employees, hourly workers and union labor simultaneously.

Dispatch Dynamics Inc


In addition to dealing with hurricanes, flooding, landslides, power outages and atmospheric rivers, maritime labor on the East and West Coasts continue to find ways to survive the complications of  the "New Normal."

Remote Hiring with Harbor Watch cloud-based software provides the tools to dispatch maritime workers in real-time from the Hall or any remote location. Using a Wi-Fi network or mobile hot spot, communicate instantly with workers on iPads, SmartPhones or laptops. Workers shape-up remotely on a secure website for daily/weekly shifts.  Automated text messages sent to workers confirming all hiring transactions.