About Dispatch Dynamics

Founded in 2014, Dispatch Dynamics, Inc. is a South Carolina corporation initially dedicated to the development of a software application to resolve the burdensome dispatching and logistics problems of the International Longshoremen. DDI’s web-based software served the ILA's mobile workforce for more than seven years with zero downtime.

With workflow processes developed over the past seven years, DDI's software is now on the cutting edge of mobile workforce management. Our deskless productivity solutions enable any company or industry to schedule, communicate, and engage a mobile workforce in single or multiple locations.

DDI's flagship product, Harbor Watch Maritime Information System is the only web-based dispatch application in the maritime industry today.

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  • Requires no installation or additional hardware
  • Applications are user-friendly, interactive and mobile-responsive
  • Designed for users with little or no computer skills
  • Applications are scaleable, table-driven with no hard-coding
  • Multiple dispatch functions: optical card swipe, drag-and-drop or automated dispatch
  • ​User data backed up every three minutes on triple redundant servers
  • Schedules and dispatches labor in alpha or seniority order -- online, in real time, every time
  • Has four craft-based dispatch applications w/interactive labor orders, certification and training modules
  • SmartScheduler displays real-time work orders with "live" dispatch
  • Scheduler deploys members with point-of-hire certifications
  • Insures that all workers meet employer job certifications
  • Dispatch orders emailed to employers with member photos
  • Five lightening-fast SMS functions contact members/employees instantly
  • Virtual Hiring includes remote hiring with instant text messaging
  • No Power? No Internet? Dispatch from a laptop with mobile hot spot
  • Functions can be changed "on the fly" by a credentialed user
  • Applications interface seamlessly with most payroll and time/attendance applications
  • ​Translated into most languages