Mobile Responsive Website

Harbor Watch dispatch provides a mobile-responsive website fully integrated with the real-time dispatch module.  In addition to displaying live work orders and scheduling, each Harbor Watch website displays the latest news, weather and and shipping information.  Using mobile phones to access their website, workers watch as dispatcher fill scheduled jobs in real-time.

Password protected access provided to work orders, real-time dispatch, up-to-date worker availability and individual work history web pages. Hourly workers can shape-up on mobile website indicating their availability to work on a specific shift.

Maritime jobs are filled according to seniority and each local's hiring rules. Text messages are sent to members confirming their daily jobs. End of day, Harbor Watch SmartScheduler emails completed dispatch orders to Port Employers.

Dispatch Dynamics also offers optional versions of Harbor Watch with remote shape-up features that allow members or employees to change their own availability without calling the Hall.